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An essential guide to winter tyres

For anyone who has found themselves stuck at the bottom of an icy hill covered with snow, they’ll know just how dangerous trying to climb it can be. In particular, cars that are relatively heavy can find themselves having to reroute, as the surface area of their tyres and lack of grip mean that hill climbs are impossible.

If you’re looking to purchase winter tyres then this guide will introduce you to the factors you should consider and how you can find the cheapest deals when purchasing winter tyres.

Factors to consider when looking for winter tyres

Branded versus budget

There’s no two ways around it, winter tyres are more expensive than general purpose tyres and so you may feel that the additional premium of around £30 per tyre is already enough to guarantee you a set of high quality tyres. However, branded winter tyres are of far higher quality than their budget counterparts and will ensure that even in the most difficult of conditions your car stays gripped to the road.

Remember to always fit 4 of the same tyre

Winter tyres are entirely different to ‘normal’ tyres, this means that they are incompatible with one another. You should never use uneven tyres, even if you’re using the same format for the front and the other format for the back.

Finding the best deal on winter tyres

Buying a set

You may find that at some garages you’re able to barter with them depending on how many tyres you purchase at once. If you’re unsure as to whether they do discounts then you should feel free to ask; most smaller garages have some leverage as to the prices they quote and so may have a little movement on their price points.

Should you consider part worn?

Getting the best deal on winter tyres doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest deal. You may be surprised to learn that purchasing part worn can actually mean that you get a worse deal than buying brand new.

Part worn tyres will run out in a time period that you can’t possible gauge, they may additionally have defects that are invisible to the naked eye. In short, you should always ensure, for both your finances and your safety that you’re buying brand new rather than part worn.

Shopping online

Shopping online for your winter tyres should be your starting point. A full set of winter tyres can very often surpass the £400 mark, and so even if you find a supplier that is a few miles away, you may find that the saving you make justifies the journey.

Seasonal deals

You may also be able to make a saving on winter tyres if you buy in the months that are warmer. Purchasing during spring or summer may mean that you see savings, on average, of up to 20%.


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