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Buyer's Guide: What To Mind When Looking For Windscreen Replacement

Replacing your windscreen can be a pretty significant financial outlay and ensuring that you find a service provider that will replace your windscreen safely and securely at a price that doesn't break the bank is no easy feat. In this guide we look at some of the factors you should consider when looking for a windscreen replacement service, and how you can save money on what can be a significant price.

Factors to consider when getting your windscreen replaced

DIY or qualified professional?

You may be considering attempting to replace your windscreen yourself, after all there's plenty of "how to" guides online that show you how so it must be fine, right? Well, in a word, wrong. Undertaking this type of work can be nothing short of dangerous. Experience professionals will have the proper equipment to hand and will ensure that your windscreen is fitted more securely than you should achieve.

Do you need to replace the entire windscreen?

If your windscreen has simply suffered a small chip or crack then you may be able to get it repaired, rather than replaced. Small chips can be repaired from as little as £15 so it is well worth doing your research as to what does and doesn't warrant a windscreen replacement.

Choosing a reputable company for your windscreen replacement

If you decide to take the sensible route of finding a qualified professional to undertake your windscreen then you should undertake a little online research on consumer websites as to customer's past experiences.

You can additionally ensure that your car professional has provided you with a quality windscreen repair by checking the following factors:

- Sealant around the windscreen

Is the sealant used around your windscreen neat and tidy? When inspecting this you should expect it to look as it did previously and as new when you purchased the car.

- Have they used quality glass?

It can be difficult to know how good a quality your car professional has used when replacing your windscreen. If you're at all unsure then you should ask them directly.

Getting the best deal on your windscreen replacement

Finding the best deal on your windscreen replacement isn't simply a matter of price. As mentioned above, you should first and foremost ensure that any provider has a good reputation.

Start with an online search

Staring with an online search should be your first port of call to get an idea of the average price of windscreen replacement. Generally speaking the average you should be expecting to pay is between £100 and £250 prior to labour costs.

Try the little guy

Don't presume that the larger firms that specialise in windscreen replacement offer the best deal. Very often consumers can find that their local garage can offer at least comparable prices, and they may even match a price quoted by another firm.

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