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An essential guide to windscreens repair

If your windscreen has recently gained a chip, crack or dent then you may be relieved to hear that in the majority of less serious instances it can be repaired. Given that the average price of a brand new windscreen is between £100 and £250 (without labour) this can make for welcome news.

However, you must take care to ensure the company you choose provides both quality repairs as well as a fair price. In this guide we look at how you can strike a balance between the two and whether you actually need to pay for anything at all.

Factors to consider when getting your windscreen repaired

Are you already covered?

Many people pay for their windscreen repair without even realising that their insurance policy covers it and will pay for any work undertaken on the windscreen. If your insurance is a fully comprehensive policy then this may well describe your situation, so check with your insurance providers prior to booking in with a windscreen repair service.

Putting off repairing that chip or crack

If you’ve delayed getting your windscreen repaired then you’ve ran the risk of the damage getting worse. Driving over a speed bump, or even a slight dip in the road, can see your small chip turn into a windscreen wide crack; and during winter months chips can turn into cracks overnight. If this happens to your windscreen then you should be aware that at this point your insurance provider is not likely to pay out for a replacement windscreen.

Windscreen repair pricing

If you do find that you need to pay for your windscreen repair then you should expect to pay the following approximate prices:

- Small chip/crack: From £15;

- Cracks smaller than 38 cm/12 inches: From £ 32 up to £58;

- Cracks from 38 to 60 cm/12 to 24 inches: From £58 up to £84.

Finding the best deal on your windscreen repair

Shopping online

Shopping online for a windscreen repair company should be your first port of call; generally companies will be happy to attend your home, so you needn’t risk driving if you think that the chip or crack you have compromises the safety of your driving.

Reputable supplier versus the best price

Whilst it may be tempting to opt for a provider that is offering a widescreen repair at the lowest possible price you really need to consider the quality of the repair and your safety. There are many rogue companies out there that may offer windscreen repairs, so it’s essential that you check online the company’s reputation. There’s plenty of consumer review websites that will provide you with an idea as to how their windscreen repairs are fairing.


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