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Weekly Car Insurance

Insurance providers have a reputation for being a little on the inflexible side, but as with most things, there are one or two exceptions. Weekly car insurance gives drivers the opportunity to cover their vehicle on a short-term basis, in turn saving them from having to take out an entire year-long policy.

Here's our guide on when you should consider a weekly policy and which providers offer the best bang for your buck.

When do I need a weekly insurance cover?

Below are some of the most common circumstances in which a weekly car insurance policy could come in handy.

You're driving abroad

Anyone who has rented a car overseas will know that leasing companies tend to charge a premium on their own insurance policies. To get around this, your best bet is to book your own short-term policy from home and bring the documents with you when you head abroad.

You're buying a new car

In an ideal world, you'd buy your new vehicle and sell your old one on the same day. Unfortunately however, this isn't always the case. If you find yourself having to cover both for a few days, your best option is to insure your new car on your main policy and take out a short-term one for your old car. That way, you can transfer your no claims bonus to the vehicle you'll be using going forward.

You're borrowing a friend's car

Outside of exceptional circumstances, it's rare that anyone you know will have an insurance policy that allows anyone to drive their car. As such, if you're planning on borrowing a friend's pair of wheels, you'll need to take out some short-term cover.

You're learning to drive

Professional driving tuition is expensive, and after a certain number of lessons, you're probably about ready to start practicing independently. Of course, for that you'll probably need your parents' car - for which they'll need to take out an additional policy (or put you on theirs and risk an inflated premium).

Which providers offer weekly policies?

Unfortunately, many insurance providers in the UK are still stuck in their rigid ways, and don't yet offer weekly cover. To find your policy, therefore, you'll probably have to look at more specialist companies.

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