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We Buy Any Car: How It Works

Selling a car can be a real headache. If you’re part exchanging it for a newer model, you worry whether you’re getting the best deal. If you decide to sell your car privately you’ve got all the hassle of advertising it and waiting for potential buyers to contact you, the worry that a buyer will come up with the money and apprehension about any follow-up complaints.

The alternative is to contact We Buy Any Car, via their website webuyanycar.com. The company has been buying cars since 2006 and does exactly what it says – it will buy any car, whatever its condition. Even better, the process is extremely simple and hassle-free.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to go to the webuyanycar.com website and enter your registration details. You’ll be asked a few details about your car such as its mileage, service history and general condition. Based on that information, you’ll be given a quote for the price We Buy Any Car will be willing to pay for your car. Getting a quote doesn’t cost you anything and there’s no obligation to accept the quote.

How Do I Sell My Car?

If you’re happy with the quote you can book an appointment at one of We Buy Any Car’s 200 branches UK-wide. They’re open until early evening seven days a week and appointments are available at 15-minute intervals so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a convenient time slot.

When you take your car to the branch office, a member of staff will look it over to check that it meets your description. Provided the mileage and condition are as expected, We Buy Any Car will purchase your car immediately and arrange to transfer the quoted sum of money into your bank account. The whole process can be completed in around 20 minutes. Be aware that you will need to make your own way home, although staff will be happy to call you a taxi.

Will I Get the Quoted Price?

We Buy Any Car promise that your online quote is valid for seven days. Provided you can get to one of their branch offices within a week and your car is as described there’ll be no price negotiation, just a simple transaction for the car sale with a small arrangement fee for you to pay. The money will be paid directly into your bank account and should appear there within a few working days.

If, following an inspection, the staff see discrepancies between your initial description and the actual condition of the vehicle they will offer you an alternative quote. You’re under no obligation to accept this revised offer and can drive away without having to pay any fees.

What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

When you take your car to one of the branch offices, you will need to take various documentation with you. You will need your V5 logbook/registration certificate as well as any service documents you have and your current MOT certificate if applicable. You will also need two forms of identification – one photo ID such as a passport and one proof of address letter such as a recent council tax or utility bill, where the address matches that on the car logbook.

You will also need your bank details, a settlement letter if there is any outstanding finance on the car, both sets of car keys and any other accessories or extras for the car.

Is it the Best Way for Me to Sell My Car?

Many customers swear by We Buy Any Car. It has bought more than 750,000 cars since it was first established and is expanding its business with more branch offices opening all the time. It’s a quick, easy and efficient way of selling your car.

If you’re buying a newer car from a dealership you may prefer the convenience of a part exchange, in which your old car is used to cover part of the cost of the vehicle you want to buy. You can sell your car and buy a replacement in one easy transaction which minimises time and effort.

However, part exchanging a car leaves very little room for negotiation on the price of a new car. If you’re able to go to a dealership with no car to sell it’s much easier to persuade them to offer you a discount.

You may prefer to arrange the sale yourself to try to maximise the selling price. You may well be able to get slightly more money for your car if you sell it privately but you need to take into account the cost of advertising it and the possible inconvenience of waiting in for potential buyers to inspect the car. Unless you’re careful, you may find that you end up with a bounced cheque or that the buyer comes back to you complaining that the car wasn’t as they were led to expect.

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