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More About Vehicle Tracking, Vehicle Tracking Systems & GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking technology has reached an optimal balance between advanced technology and price point; gone are the days when vehicle tracking was too expensive for the majority of people and businesses. In this guide we talk you through the types of vehicle tracking available and how you can find the best deal depending upon your needs.

Types of vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking for private individuals

Tracking devices use GPS (global position system) and VHF (very high frequency) technologies; these combined systems are used to provide round the clock tracking of your vehicle. The more sophisticated of devices will be able to overcome signal jammers, which are often used by the more experienced of car thieves.

Vehicle tracking for businesses

Vehicle tracking for businesses is generally based upon the same technologies as is used for private cars. The major difference between the two however is the range of options you have before you which are briefly summarised as follows:

- Continual GPS tracking that is displayed via your PC in real time,

- Alerts that show if a vehicle has gone off track,

- Reports as to mileage covered and areas entered by each vehicle,

- Alerts if the vehicle has broken a speed limit,

- On board alerts for the driver if they break the speed limit,

- Installed CCTV as part of the tracking package.

Getting the best deal on vehicle tracking

Ensuring that you're paying the best price for your vehicle tracking will very much depend on whether you're buying for your own private car or you're a company that's looking to track a number of vehicles. Here is a summary of what you can expect depending on your usage.

Tracking your own car

There are a wide range of components on the market today that can track your car. Generally the most basic devices range from around £50, however these lower range devices have been known for being unreliable, and you should perhaps consider starting at a price point of around £200.

You also have the option of having a fully automated tracking service, where a company will ensure your vehicle can be tracked in any eventuality, working hand in hand with the police in the event of your vehicle being stolen. Prices for this service start from around  250 per year.

Tracking your company's cars and vans

When you're looking for a tracking service for your company it is vital that you undertake extensive research as to the reliability of the tracking company in question. Regardless of the number of vehicles to be tracked, it is likely that you'll be paying a significant sum from month to month, and so good customer service is vital if you're to get your money's worth.

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