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Buyer's Guide: How To Buy Tyres

Buying tyres may at first seem like a relatively straight forward task; however, given the importance of tyres and the role they play in keeping you safe during your travels they're not to be underestimated. This general guide walks you through the tyres available on the market today and what you should bear in mind when purchasing tyres, regardless of the vehicle that they're to be used for.

Buying new versus buying used

Many people find it difficult to decide between buying new or used, particularly when finances are tight. However you should bear in mind that buying used tyres means that you don't know the history of the tyre, and you may even find that they have a slow puncture or tread that falls below the legal regulations within a week. For those that are purchasing for a motorbike you should always try and buy new, tyres become ever more important for the bike rider as they serve as an all-important go between from rider to concrete.

Branded versus economy

An additional choice you'll be facing is whether to opt for branded tyres over economy. This may, again, be a matter of restricted finances, however buying economy over branded can very often be a false economy. Budget tyres are inevitably of a lower quality than branded tyres and can have a considerably shorter life span than their branded tyre counterparts.

Branded tyres may additionally come with a guarantee that they'll last over a set number of miles, which means you can plan ahead for your next tyre change or go back for replacement tyres should they under perform.

Specialist tyres

Specialist tyres cover a wide range of purposes and are used on all vehicles, from vans to motorbikes. The following tyres form the main types of tyres for specialist purposes.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are an essential tool for certain vehicles during the winter. This is particularly true of cars that may be heavy and underpowered (which inevitably sees them being stuck at the bottom of snowy hills with no possibility of climbing an incline).

Similarly they serve as essential for heavy goods vehicles that require a significant increase in traction on roads that may be slippery.

Performance tyres

Performance tyres have a focus on speed and ensuring that the vehicle benefits from increased traction and therefore increased speed. Performance tyres for motorbikes in particular can be significantly more expensive than generic tyres.

Off road tyres

Off road and all terrain tyres are essential if a vehicle is to be coming into contact with terrains other than roads on a frequent basis. These ensure that your vehicle won't struggle on dirt roads or get stuck in grassy fields.

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