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Buyer's Guide: Student Car Insurance

Whilst finding cheap car insurance is a difficult task for even the most experienced of drivers, for students it is even more so. Not only do you need to contend with high premiums because of your age, you additionally have the problem of having limited finances due to your commitment to your course. In this guide we tell you how you can find car insurance that fits your budget and won’t see you reduced to eating just once a week.

The problem with student car insurance

The issue with being a student and trying to find a good car insurance deal is that you’re in a group of people who are statistically more likely to crash. You are also more likely to be within an area that has a higher rate of vehicle theft.

Finding cheap student car insurance

Dedicate a few hours to shopping around

Finding cheap car insurance is very much a matter of extensive research. You should begin your search with comparison websites, and try various ones to ensure that you’re covering all of the insurance providers that use this channel.

Extra security

You can help get your quotes down by fitting extra security to your car. Research what steering locks are approved by car insurance providers; you may also wish to look at an immobiliser if your car doesn’t come fitted with one as standard. By improving your security you can attempt at least some of the problems associated with living in an area that has a higher crime rate.

Consider black box insurance providers

Black box insurance policies are where your car is fitted with a small black box that records your driving. This can lower your premiums because the insurer has a method of ensuring that your driving is "safe" (e.g. you’re not driving at excessive speeds). It also means that those that don’t drive frequently are rewarded with lower premiums.

Choosing an insurance friendly car

If you’ve not purchased your car as yet then you may wish to consider buying a car that is in a lower insurance bracket. Ideally you should run your registration plate through a comparison website so that you have a concrete idea of how much you’re insurance will be should you go ahead and purchase the car.

Considering your cover

As with any type of car insurance you have three levels to choose from: third party; third party, fire and theft; and fully comprehensive. Whilst in an ideal world you’d opt for the most robust policy you may have to compromise and go for a lower level of cover. The best advice you can follow is to run various quotes at each level of cover and weigh up the pros and cons of opting for cost over cover.

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