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Buyer's Guide: Sports Car

Things to consider before buying a sports car

Sports cars are a treat, often to yourself. They are great fun to drive and look great (you also look great in them). However, they have drawbacks. As their engines are more highly tuned they are not as ecumenical on fuel. They are more expensive to insure and service. They will be in a higher insurance group. Many only have two seats and even if they have four seats they are often cramped in the back. Unless you are a single person a sports car is best considered as a second car.

Where to buy from

If you are buying a car new then once you have chosen the car you like you simple visit the dealer. Avoid March or September as this is when the new registrations come out and the dealers are not desperate for sales and therefore will be less inclined to offer a discount.

We estimate that sports car drivers fall into two categories. Firstly, people that like the looks and a good driving experience. Secondly, people that want to go fast. Quite simple you do not want to buy a sports car from a ‘boy racer’. It sounds terrible but women do tend to driver slower than men and if you are thinking of buying a car from the classified direct from an individual then we would only recommend doing so if it is from a female driver. Otherwise it is far safe to buy from a car dealer where not only will they have given the car a full check before they sell it but it will also be covered for a least a year under the dealer warranty. This will give you piece of mind as any major problem with transmission, suspension or electrical issues should come to light within the 12 months.

Ensuring that your sports car is in good condition

It sounds almost crazy but people do buy cars without viewing them first, particularly from places like eBay. Do not do this. Even a non-expert can usually tell a car is in good condition when you see it. Look closely, the inside is harder to hide the fast a car has had a hard life. Also take it for a drive and just listen for rattles, strange vibrations, poor breaks etc. If you are in doubt be safe and do not by rather than sorry.

Our pics of the new crop of sports cars

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