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The essential guide to buying a new van

If you’re thinking about buying a new van for your fleet, or even considering the purchase of your first van, then ensuring that you know what to look for and what tobear in mind is vital. In this guide we talk you through the things that you should be thinking about when buying a new van.

Where to buy from

Verified dealer

Purchasing a new van from a verified dealer is ideally your best option. A verified dealer will be able to provide you with the assurances that your new van will function as it should for a set time under a robust warranty. You should however ensure that you look at any warranty policy in detail, as there will be certain components that aren’t covered. Generally speaking the majority of warranties cover a van’s major components (which means, in lay man’s terms, the engine).

Buying privately

You may be considering buying new from smaller traders that operate online. You need to ensure that you take care if you’re considering this route. The internet is ripe for fraudulent businesses that accept payment and don’t deliver anything, or perhaps deliver a van that is far from new or that is plagued with problems.

Your payment options


Using finance such as hire purchase or a private loan is frequently used by businesses who may not be cash rich (which is very often the case when a business has ongoing expenses for staff and other over heads). If you’re taking this path then use comparison websites to search out the best APR rate.


Buying with cash may well be tempting; the idea of being free from finance is certainly a temptation for many who wish to keep their monthly costs down. However this can mean that you are limited to a lower price than if you were to use finance. In this instance many may end up with a van that isn’t of sufficient size or performance to meet their needs.

Choosing your van model

Choosing the model of van that you wish to purchase can be far more complex than people expect. To guide you through this process (which may involve hundreds of different brands, models and van types) you should search out consumer reviews from trusted sources. These will provide you with an expert opinion as to what’s available on the market today.

Van types


Tipper vans serve tradesman in gardening, tree surgery or other industries where the need to tip material off quickly is essential. You should note however that unless you frequently use this feature you should try and avoid this van type as it is considered to be in a higher insurance category.

Double cab

Double cab are essential for those businesses that require a seating for up to five people whilst not losing any of the van space. These types of vans are inevitably more expensive, but in many instances the difference in price is relatively negligible.


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