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Our Guide To New Car Deals

If you’re considering buying a new car there are several factors you need to bear in mind before you decide to part with your money. In this guide we talk you through what to lookout for when buying a new car.

Decide how much you want to spend

When calculating how much you plan to spend on a new car make sure your budget includes the associated costs such as insurance payments, how much the road tax will be the cost of breakdown cover etc.

Research the car you want

Deciding on which make and model you want can be tricky given the range of choices available to the modern motorist, but once you have settled on the car you think is right for you, it’s important you research the car and find out as much information as you can about it. You can find the specifications of it by searching for reviews online or on the manufacturer’s website. You can also arrange a test drive to see for yourself if the car you have your eye on is everything you hoped it would be.

Compare dealers

If you’ve decided on the car you want; compare dealers and see who is offering the best deal, you may even want to consider getting a written quote from a dealer and taking it to other dealers in your area to see if they can offer a lower price. You can also compare deals easily online.

Try to find the invoice price

This is the price the dealer pays to the manufacturer for a car, so if you manage to uncover it you should try and pay as close to this figure as possible. While it may not always be easy to find, some car websites do list it so if you can find it, be sure to point it out to a dealer as you will stand a good chance of paying less.

Consider part exchanging

Trading your old car it in as a part exchange on your new vehicle will obviously mean you pay less. But before you consider this option make sure you know exactly what your current car is worth, you can get quick and easy free valuations online or more detailed ones if you pay a fee.


As they’ve bought the car from the manufacturer, dealers can set their own prices and almost all of them will offer a discount to serious buyers. Let them know you’re serious and that you are prepared to buy if the deal is right, dealers will work a lot harder to if they think one can be done. If you’re a cash buyer don’t tell mention this straight away as dealers make bigger profits on finance deals so let them bargain the price on that basis.

A lot of dealers can employ the tactic of intimidation in a bid to close any negotiations, but remember you’re entitled to haggle and if you’re not happy with the deal being offered there’s always the option of walking away; there are plenty of other places you can buy.

Watch out for hidden extras

Many dealers may throw in incentives such as car insurance or breakdown cover, and on occasion these can be lucrative deals. However, you should check what kind of cover you’re getting and ask to see examples of repayment plans without these extras factored in. There is the potential to make significant savings by shopping around for insurance and breakdown cover independently.

Another dealer trick is to offer loads of extras you either haven’t asked for or don’t particularly want like paint protection, floor mats or extended warranties. So you may think you’re getting a great deal but when it’s all added up you may realise you haven’t got a discount at all. Dealers are obliged to inform you of what extras are included so get the breakdown before you negotiate.

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