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Buyer's Guide: How To Buy Motorcycle Tyres

There's no more important part of your motorbike than its tyres, and choosing the correct type that are of sufficient quality can be the difference between good and bad performance, and between safety and the increased risk of a crash. In this guide we look at what you should be considering when shopping for motorbike tyres.

Do you need new tyres?

If your motorbike has been put away for a number of years you may presume that the tyres are fine; after all, you changed the tyres for new ones just before putting it away, so they should be good to go, right? Well not exactly, in fact, you are very likely to need new tyres as rubber degrades naturally over time and leaves the tyres unfit for purpose. Ensure that you get them checked by a professional and don't, whatever you do, ride your motorbike to a garage just because you think it's around the corner.

Factors to consider when shopping for tyres

Tyre types

The type of tyre you need will depend on what type of riding you do. If you use your motorbike for sport then you need high performance sports tyres, and if you ride off road a lot then you need all terrain tyres.

Want optimal traction?

If you want optimal traction tyres then you should be looking for tyres with soft rubber; however you should bear in mind that these tyres are likely to have a shorter lifespan.

Looking for optimal mileage?

If you want tyres that will last as long as possible then you should be looking for hard rubber; this type of rubber is much better wearing than softer rubber and will have a far longer lifespan.

Do you want to buy new or used?

Deciding between new and used is very often a question of price. However the best advice is that you should always buy new. Your tyres are, as previously mentioned, the most important component on your motorbike, and as such this is not an area in which you want to be scrimping.

Choosing the size of your tyres

You need to make sure that the size of tyres you're looking at are the correct size for your type of bike; whilst this sounds like obvious advice fitting the wrong size tyre to a motorbike is far more common than most imagine.

Don't presume that bigger tyres are the way to go

Many motorbike owners presume that the wider the tyre is, the better it will perform. However this is far from ideal, just because a tyre has a large surface area you shouldn't presume that it's best for your bike. Every motorbike has a most suitable tyre range, and going outside of this may mean that your motorbike doesn't sit right, which is a danger in itself.

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