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A guide to motorbike insurance

If you’re the proud owner of a motorbike, whether it’s a powerful super bike or a much loved chopper then you’ll need to ensure that you stay within the confines of the law and get it insured, even if you only use it during warmer weathered months. In this guide we introduce you to why motorbike insurance is vital and how you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal.

A change in the law

Recently the government have changed the way they deal with vehicles and their insurance. Today you need to insure that your motorbike is either insured or SORN (Statutory off Road Notice) and not kept on a public road. This means that even if you don’t ride your motorbike, but keep it parked up on the road, it stills needs to be fully insured.

Levels of motorbike insurance

Before you start shopping for your motorbike insurance you need to ensure that you know what levels of insurance are available; here is a brief overview of the three types of motorbike insurance.

Third party only motorbike insurance

Third party insurance is the most basic insurance and is sufficient for meeting your legal obligations. This insurance policies covers injury or damage to others and their respective vehicles; this does not cover any repairs or the replacement of your vehicle in the event of a crash.

Third party, fire and theft motorbike insurance

This policy builds upon the latter policy and additionally covers your motorbike in the event of a fire or theft.

Fully comprehensive motorbike insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance is the most thorough type of insurance and covers others, yourself and your motorbike. This means that should a crash be of your fault, your motorbike will be repaired or replaced.

Factors to consider when searching for the cheapest motorbike insurance

Level of cover versus cost

Whilst it may be tempting to take out the most basic level of cover you need to weigh up the benefits of a cheaper policy with the possibility that, should you crash, you may be left without a motorbike.

Shopping online

Shopping online should be your first port of call when looking for the cheapest deal on motorbike insurance. Comparison websites now feature more motorbike insurers than ever and you can get a high level overview of what’s on offer and how each level of cover differs in terms of price.

Calling providers directly

Whilst there are literally hundreds of motorbike insurers that feature on comparison websites there are always going to be those that don’t, so ensuring that you ring them directly is essential if you’re to know that you’re not missing out on a cheaper deal.

Additionally, whilst many mainstream insurers that started as car insurers, they have now branched out to cover motorbikes; however you may find that providers who deal solely with motorbike insurance offer the best prices.


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