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Attractive Moped Insurance Rates for Any Rider

For those that are under the legal age to drive riding a moped can provide a welcome way of getting from A to B; even those who do drive are increasingly finding that opting for a moped over a car can save them a significant sum in petrol each week. In this guide we look how you can save further money by ensuring that you get the best deal on your moped insurance.

Are you riding your moped legally?

The first thing you will need to ensure is that you're riding your moped legally (and this doesn't just involve ensuring that your moped is insured). In order to be a legal rider you need to undertake compulsory basic training (CBT) which will mean that you can ride your moped with L plates. Please note however that if you passed your full driving licence test prior to February 1st 2001 then you aren't legally obliged to take a CBT.

Your CBT will be valid for two years, and it is during this time that you are expected to take you theory and practical moped tests. If you hold a full licence your CBT is valid indefinitely.

Why moped insurance is essential

Purchasing moped insurance prior to riding on any road is vital if you're to protect yourself, your finances and other road users; additionally it is, of course, a legal requirement. Moped insurance has become ever more important as the UK government acts against drivers and riders who are uninsured; currently new regulation known as CIE (Continuous Insurance Enforcement) has been put into place in order to address the high number of uninsured drivers. These regulations state that vehicles must be insured even if parked up and unused on a road, and can only be uninsured if the vehicle is SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice).

Types of moped insurance

As with any type of vehicle insurance there are three types of insurance: 3rd party, 3rd party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. Third party insurance will just cover injury or loss to others, third party fire and theft will additionally cover your moped if it gets stolen or set on fire and finally comprehensive will cover you in any eventuality, regardless of whose fault the damage is.

Finding cheap moped insurance quotes

You should always bear in mind that there is a compromise to be made between level of cover and cost; you will obviously pay more for comprehensive cover thanyou will for third party, but in return you'll receive the peace of mind that, should you crash, you'll be able to get your moped either repaired or replaced.

You should start your search at a comparison website and then go on to contact providers not listed directly; always ensure that you read the small print in detail before purchasing any insurance whatsoever.

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