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Should you Use a Mobile Mechanic?

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a busy week ahead, work is hectic, and the car is playing up. You haven’t got the time to take it to the garage and sit and wait, and nor can you leave it there and go to work as you’ll have no car to get you there. What do you do?

A whole mobile mechanic industry has established itself in response to this quandary. These knights in shining amour will come to your house or work place at a convenient time armed with tools and will sort out your car for you.

So why doesn’t everyone employ a mobile mechanic to fix their car, putting all the repair garages out of business? In reality, the service has limitations and may not always be the best option.

What is a mobile mechanic?

A mobile mechanic is usually self-employed and not attached to any repair garage. At your request, he will come to a place of your choice at a time convenient to you and hopefully fix your car’s problem. As well as repairs, a mobile mechanic can usually carry out a service and can do a diagnostic inspection if you’re not sure what the problem is.

Why should I use a mobile mechanic?

Convenience is the reason why most people employ a mobile mechanic. You can get the work done at a place and time convenient to you meaning there are no worries about whether your car is safe to drive to a garage, no waiting around while the work is done and no inconvenience or extra costs if you need to go somewhere else after dropping off your car.

You will often find that a mobile mechanic charges less for a repair job than a local garage or your dealership. As they are mobile, their overheads are less – they are not having to pay to rent a garage unit, for example.

How do I find a mobile mechanic?

A simple Google search will call up a long list of mobile mechanics in your area. They can be self-employed individuals, small companies or umbrella organizations which individual mechanics can affiliate to.

As with employing any trades person, check out their credentials first. They should be properly qualified and offer a 12 month warranty on all parts and labour. If you haven’t had a mobile mechanic recommended to you, see if you can find any reviews to ensure their service is up to scratch. Make sure you get a few different estimates or quotes before deciding which mechanic to employ – rates can vary greatly.

What if I don’t know what’s wrong with my car?

In the same way as would happen in a repair garage, the mobile mechanic will carry out a diagnostic test to try to determine the problem. He may not be able to carry out the necessary repair on the spot as he may not have the appropriate tools or parts with him but he should be able to make a return visit either later the same day or soon afterwards to finish the job.

Can a mobile mechanic sort out any problem?

Employing a mobile mechanic is extremely convenient but you need to be aware that the service has limitations. Most relatively minor jobs can be dealt with easily but inevitably the mobile mechanic is limited with the amount of equipment and tools he can carry around with him. Most importantly, he will not have a ramp so any work which needs to be done to the underside of the car will be difficult if not impossible.

What are the alternatives to a mobile mechanic?

All is not lost if you suffer car problems in your driveway or work place and it’s inconvenient to get to a repair garage. If the car can’t be driven due to a mechanical problem or a flat tyre and you have appropriate breakdown cover you should be able to get the car repaired in situ or towed to the nearest appointed garage.

Some dealerships will come and collect your car from your home or place of work if the car is still under warranty and will often give you a courtesy car while the work is being carried out. If your problem is not having the time to wait at the garage while the work is done and not being able to get to work or back home, most garages are helpful and will offer to give you a lift to wherever you need to be if it’s not too far away. Dealerships will often have a courtesy car available for a small fee.

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