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Mercedes Benz: What to look out for in 2016

With their reputation for reliability and precision engineering Mercedes Benz look set for a bumper year in 2016 – after all their slogan is ‘Das Beste oder nichts’ (the best or nothing). In this guide we look at which models to keep your eye out for in the coming 12 months and which models have stood the test of time and are still popular amongst car lovers today.

What’s coming in 2016

AMG GT: A smaller and cheaper replacement for the SLS, the AMG GT will be shorter and lighter than its predecessor; the gull-wing doors will also be a thing of the past. There will be two versions when launched, both featuring a new turbocharged 4litre V8 engine and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox – the base model will come with 456bhp the GTS version 503bhp. The AMG GT will also come with a 350 litre boot. Keep your eyes peeled as the AMG GT will be on sale early this year and cost around £110,000.

AMG C63: The standard C63 salon and estate come with a 469bhp punch from a 4litre Biturbo V8. However, there will also be a flagship ‘S’ model that will come with 503bhp. Although the top speed will be limited to 155mph regardless of which one you buy. Standard equipment includes AMG electricity memory sports seats and wheel, a COMAND infotainment system and 18-inch AMG alloys. The AMG 63 will be hitting showrooms early in 2016 and cost around £60,000, with the faster ‘S’ models starting from around £66,000.

S-Class Cabriolet: The S-Class Cabriolet range will feature several engine variants, from the 449bhp; 4.7litre S500 to the AMG tuned S63 and S65. It will also feature a new Magic Body Control suspension system that reads the road and leans into the bends like a motorbike and crystal infused daytime running lights and indicators designed to create a clear beam. The S-Class Cabriolet will be on sale in early 2016 and cost around £110,000

GLE: A full-size SUV with a coupe style body and engine to match, the GLE will be replacing the current Mercedes ML. If you want a GLE there will be a range of petrol and diesel engines from the GLE 63 AMG V8 with a reported top speed of 155mph, to more discreet diesel engines such as the GLE 220 and GLE 350 which are expected to offer as much as 50mpg. The GLE will be on sale from the middle of 2016 and cost around £50,000.

GLC: Mercedes have never sold its GLK in the UK before, but that will all change in 2016. Based on the latest C-Class platform the GLC is set to have a curvier look and more stylish interior, taking cues from the C-Class. Engines will be transferred over too, including the 168bhp and 201bhp – 2.1litre diesel engines. Expect to see the GLC later on in the year and prices to be around the £30,000 mark.

Popular Models

While there are several new models hitting the market in 2016 there are several existing ones that remain as popular as ever today. They include:

300 SL Gullwing (1954): The car that established Mercedes as a leading manufacturer of luxury sports cars. As well as its trademark doors the 300 SL was the first ever petrol powered car to come with fuel injection directly into the engine. It was capable of reaching speeds of up to 161mph, and although only 1,400 were ever produced the 300 SL consistently ranks as one of the greatest sports cars ever made.

600 (1963): The crème de la crème for Mercedes during its production, the 600 was the inspiration for the S-Class range and came with a 6.3lite V8 engine with petrol injection, automatic transmission, power steering, adjustable seats and much more!

C111-II (1970): The experimental C111 broke new ground when it came to both engineering and design. It also set standards for the design of more modern sports cars.

W124 E-Class: While it may not stand out as much compared to some of Mercedes other cars, few will have sold as well as the W124 – over 2.5million were bought between 1985 and 1996.

CLS63 AMG (2006): The CLS class redefined what a coupe/sedan could be and created an entirely new section of vehicle. With enough space for four adults and a sporty design the CLS class proved an instant hit. Mercedes then raised the level even further by introducing the 63AMG version with a 6.3litre V8 engine that produced 514bhp, got you from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and took you all the way to a top speed of 155mph.

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