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A guide to learner driver car insurance

Learning to drive is exciting but do not just jump in a car without checking that you are insured. I you are caught driving without the appropriate insurance you could be banned from driving before you even pass your test.

Is it mandatory to get learner driver insurance?

NO – if you are taking lessons with a registered driving instructor in their car. The instructor will have the necessary insurance for you to drive their car.

Yes – If you are going to drive your parents or friends car.

Yes – if you are going to drive your own car, even though the person sat next to you is a comprehensively insured driver.

A typical restriction of learner driver insurance is that the person has had their driving licence for over three years and also that they are fully (comprehensively) insured. This person must be in the car with you at all times. You cannot drive a car by yourself until you have passed your test.

There are a wide range of providers of learner insurance and cover can start from as little as £3 a day. Bearing in mind that you probably only be learning for 3 to 6 months then this is not a large expense.

Many parents simply add their sons or daughters to their existing car insurance policy. This often looks good value but we suggest that you also compare this increased premium against a standalone policy. If you child does need to make a claim – remember this could affect you no claims.

Our recommendation

If you have someone, most usually a parent, who is prepared to help you to practice and let you drive their car then you should definitely take them up on this opportunity.

The number of lessons people take before the driving test has been steadily increasing to today’s level of approximately fifty, one hour lessons. Even when you take into account the cost of learner driver insurance, it is economical to half the number of instructor lessons and double the number of hours you drive before the test. The more hours you spend driving the less stressed you will feel on the test (the primary reason why people fail).

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