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Hourly Car Insurance

It's taken a while, but insurance providers are at last beginning to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

In the age of car sharing and minimalist living, many of us no longer require round-the-clock motor cover, but instead the ability to opt into a flexible and affordable premium for a time period that suits us. And that can mean anything from 30 days all the way down to a single hour.

Why take out hourly car insurance?

The whole point of hourly car insurance is flexibility. It allows you to get behind the wheel of a car you don't normally drive for a fixed period of time, saving you from having to pay for an annual premium and then going through the hassle of a premature cancellation.

Below are some of the major scenarios in which it could come in handy:

• You're looking to get in some extra practice ahead of your driving test (keep in mind for this one though that many short-term insurers won't cover drivers under a certain age).

• You're moving houses and need some extra cargo space to get your stuff from A to B.

• You're sharing driving duties between a group of friends or family members over a long road trip.

• You're looking to test drive a new pair of wheels before you decide to whether to purchase a car of your own.

Is it economical?

It goes without saying that everyone's own personal situation is different, which means that before committing to hourly insurance you should consider whether it's possible to cover yourself by alternative means. For example, by adding yourself to someone else's car insurance policy for the duration of your holiday.

While hourly car insurance offers flexibility, on a per hour basis you're going to be paying more than you would on a standard 365 day motor policy. There will therefore come a time when a short-term policy stops being economical. As a general rule, anything more than a week is probably going to leave you out of pocket.

That said, it really depends on what kind of charges you're looking at for cancelling an annual policy prematurely. Famously, most insurers don't like to make it easy for their customers to switch providers, and that means you could be penalised for attempting to get out of your contract after only a few days.

Which companies offer hourly car insurance?

Even though insurance providers in the 21st century are adopting a more flexible approach when it comes to their motor policies, even those which claim to specialise in short-term cover often require a minimum commitment of 24 hours. In order to find an hourly quote, therefore, you'll need to go a little more specialist.

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