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European Breakdown Cover – Worth It?

If you're planning a trip to Europe and want to benefit from taking your vehicle abroad then you'll need to ensure that you know what’s involved in ensuring your policy is valid as well as knowing where to shop for the best deal. In this guide we walk you through what you should be considering when purchasing Europe break down cover as well as where to start your search for the best value deal.

What is Europe break down cover?

Europe break down cover is an insurance policy that covers your vehicle against breaking down whilst in Europe; these types of policies differ from domestic policies as they cover the costs of shipping your vehicle back to the UK in the worst case scenario.

Whilst many may be tempted to take the risk of driving abroad and think that their contingency budget would cover the event of a break down and car repair, you must remember that there will inevitable be language barriers. This may mean that your vehicle won't be picked up, or, perhaps worse still, will be picked up but will then undergo extensive work at a garage. All in all this leaves you open to exploitation, and you may see yourself facing huge bills that drain the remainder of your holiday money. Finally, shipping your car back to the UK will often be at a price that the majority of people can't afford and can run into the thousands of pounds.

Factors to consider when shopping for Europe breakdown cover

Are you already covered?

Whilst the majority of break down companies only cover their users for domestic vehicle use, there are some insurers that cover their customers for using their car abroad. Additionally they may also offer an "add on" service for which you pay a surcharge to be covered in the event of breaking down during your trip. Either way you will need to confirm the details of what your policy does or does not cover.

How long is your trip?

Shopping for Europe breakdown cover with the length of trip in mind is vital if your break cover is to be valid for the entirety of the trip.

How to get the best deal on Europe breakdown cover

Shopping online

Shopping online should be your first port of call for finding the best value Europe break down cover. Comparison websites are the best place to start and will help you gain an idea of what's available and at what prices.

Cheaper isn't always better

Whilst comparison websites are certainly very useful to help with the start of your search you need to bear in mind that cheaper doesn't always mean better. It's vital that you read the small print of any potential policy and find out exactly what you're covered for.

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