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A Guide to Choosing Driving Experience Gifts

Driving experience gifts have become increasingly popular over the past few years as more and more people are looking towards experience days for gifts that provide the receiver with something a little different. However, choosing a driving experience gift should be taken with care and should be undertaken with the receiver in mind.

Track Days

Track days are when you drive a car around a custom built circuit. Typically the day starts with safety instruction. You will then be driven a few laps with an instructor and then get to have a go yourself. Generally you will not drive the car without the instructor in the passenger seat. However, do not see this as a disadvantage, with him telling you what to do, your times will be much faster. In particular, he will get you to break much later and take the corners much faster than you would alone (they will push the driver to be brave).

Track Day experiences depend greatly depending on how much money you spend. You can drive anything from a fast production car to a supercar to an open wheeler (close to F1). In our opinion all are great fun and while some are more suited to an advanced driver, do not underestimate the fun of flying around a circuit in a hot hatch like a Ford Focus ST.

Top Tip

Everyone loves a particular type of car, weather that be Aston, Porsche or Mini– Our tip is to choose a track day featuring the type of car the person loves. This makes it much more fun!

Our favourites:

If you are more interested in having fun than going fast we recommend a 4x4 or military vehicle experience. Similar to track days the choice of vehicle is vast, but in our experience we would go for a Land Rover or Tank. While the military vehicles are fun they shake you to pieces, but if that does not bother you then they are crazy fun.

Off road experiences are great for people who want more that speed. Do not think that going slow if not a good experience as it is completely thrilling descending down a steep ravine and crossing a fast flowing river.

Our final recommendation is Junior Driving experiences. These are for people below the legal age to drive (or for those who don’t hold a driving license). We have tried a number of these experiences and watched young adults experience them - quite simply they love it.

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Final Tip

Booking a track day is in a way similar to booking an airline ticket. Try different days and shop around. If you can organise your experience away from the weekend and school holidays you will make a significant saving.

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