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Which way with driving courses

Learning to drive can be both exciting and daunting in equal measures; the prospect of freedom provided by driving a car is certainly one of the things that most people look forward to in life. However choosing between driving courses can mean that this journey starts with out as rather a damp squib; not only are learner drivers taken aback by the seemingly extortionate prices but they may also find it difficult in finding a provider that they’re suited to. In this guide we walk you through choosing a driving course and ensure that you avoid either of these situations.

Are driving lessons really extortionate?

You may have already started your search for the perfect driving course, or perhaps you're yet to, either way you're likely to be a little affronted by the fees of driving courses. Generally speaking you should expect to pay in excess of £20 per one hour lesson and given that the average person takes 47 lessons to pass the overall cost can equate to more than you’ll spend on your first car.

However the charges of driving courses include many factors: your instructor's time, the petrol and the insurance that covers you while you learn; all in all driving instructors and companies don't make a huge amount on each lesson, and so in reality the prices of driving lessons are fair.

Factors to consider when choosing who to book with

What type of course will be suitable for you?

In the most basic terms you have two options in terms of driving courses: you either take lessons on a weekly basis or you attend an intensive driving course. Whilst the latter is more expensive many people prefer to take a week to pack in as many lessons as possible. Choosing between the two will be based upon your finances and how much time you have to commit to your learning.

Should you block book?

Block booking is where multiple lessons are booked in one go; this means that you benefit from discounts. How much you save will differ from provider to provider. You should however bear in mind that block booking in the first instance, prior to any lessons, may lead to you being stuck with an instructor that, for whatever reason, you don’t take to.

Tips to remember when choosing a driving course provider

- Choosing a driving course provider should start with a little research on how previous customers have gotten on with their learning. Check consumer review websites to read testimonials and look at ratings.

- You may also be able to access the statistics of the provider, such as average number of lessons people take with them before they pass.

- Don't choose your provider based purely on the price of the lessons. Whilst there are good driving courses out there that are relatively cheap, prices that seem too low to be true invariably tend to show that they’re not very good.

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