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Buying Guide: Caravan Insurance

There are two main types of Caravan Insurance

1. Static Caravan Insurance – when your holiday caravan is in a fixed location

2. Towing Caravan Insurance – when you are touring to different places pulling your caravan behind your car

Static Caravan Insurance

Static caravans are as popular as ever. Helped by ever nicer holiday parks and the increasing quality and equipment levels, static caravans are no longer just popular with the older age group, they are becoming a popular choice for families who want a second home in the UK. Costing an average of thirty thousand pounds, full of expensive televisions, barbeques and other gadgets, and often left alone on secluded holiday parks for most of the year it is essential you insure your caravan. Ensure you buy fully comprehensive insurance that covers not just damage to your caravan, such a falling tree, but also that covers your contents – this will give you piece of mind if leaving all your holiday gear behind.

Towing Caravan Insurance

Surprisingly it is not a legal requirement to have caravan insurance. Your car insurance will cover you for towing the caravan on the road. In that respect, towing insurance is not at all like car insurance - It is more comparable to house insurance. We recommend that any insurance you buy also includes contents insurance because more caravans are broken into than stolen and caravans are easier to break into that houses.

We also recommend your policy has new for old cover. Should the worst happen, most of the stolen items will be technology products that have very little ‘present value’ and are expensive to replace.

Traveling abroad with your caravan

If you are planning to travel throughout Europe with your caravan you need to ensure that the policy you buy covers you for this.

What is not included?

Like most insurance policies normal day to day wear and tear is not included as the property ages. Similarly is you are a dog lover, you should specifically check whether any damage your pet may do will be covered. In many cases it will be excluded.

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