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Buyer's Guide: Car Warranty

Every car owner knows what it’s like to have an unexpected mechanic issue that can cause a repair bill to run into the thousands. Especially with private bought 2nd hand cars the repair bill can sometimes be more than the value of the car making it an economical write-off potentially leaving the owner without the means to repair the car.

The benefits of owning a car that is covered by a dealer or manufacturer warranty should always be considered when choosing a new or pre-owned car. When purchasing a brand new car most dealers will provide a certain period of warranty for free (this doesn’t normally cover general wear and tear such as tyres) and larger 2nd hand dealers also offer warranty at an added on cost per year. Purchasing a privately pre-owned car you are on your own!

What to consider when purchasing warranty

If the warranty on your car has expired it is highly recommended to purchase an extended warranty plan from a reputable garage or the manufacturer themselves. Even if your new car has performed perfectly in the years of your ownership, mechanical faults can appear overnight without any previous warning.

Standalone Warranty Providers

The market is full of standalone warranty providers ready to protect you and your car in any eventuality. As well as extending expired policies they can also cover all aspects of your cars wear and tear such as tyres, windscreen wipers and windscreens. Always shop around to find a good quote and prices can differ greatly from provider to provider and compare what is covered and more importantly what is not covered by each.

When was your car last serviced?

Just like insurance companies, warranty providers will assess their risk in having you as a customer. Most providers will ask to see the service history of your car and any repairs that may have already been carried out. If you have not been servicing your car regularly this is likely to make the cost of your cover more expensive and some will not accept your application at all. There will be other stipulations which you will need to adhere by such as yearly servicing, not making any modifications to your car yourself and using approved garages for all work undertaken.

The cost of warranties

Purchasing a warranty on a new or used car will differ greatly depending on the make, model and year of the car you wish to cover. Comparison websites will give you a great idea as to what the price for cover will be.

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