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Car tracking systems – the ultimate buyers guide

Despite sophisticated new advancements in car technology, such as specialist keys, voice activation andintelligent alarm systems, car thieves are becoming increasingly savvy; with car theft continuing to be a problem for concerned drivers. Car tracking devices are rapidly becoming a popular anti-theft investment which ensures that in the event your vehicle is stolen, you can locate it easily, offering peace of mind and control in what can be a very stressful and difficult situation. But as with most things, there are lots of different makes, different types and varying ratings of quality and functionality. So which do you choose? Take a look at our comprehensive guide below and see which service is right for you.

Finding the ideal system for your car tracking systems needs

As with many security products, there is a range available, from all-singing, all-dancing system, down to a basic device that ‘does what it says on the tin’. Models vary in price from around £60 right up to over £1,000 - however you can find very cheap versions for around £20 on eBay.Buyer beware though – some eBay sellers are not as honest as they look and you’d be best to purchase from a reputable dealer to save making an error of judgement. Some advanced systems work even when sophisticated thieves use GPS jamming systems, include alarms, voice monitors and motion sensors and are wide-ranging in the area they cover, whereas a basic tracker may only cover the UK and will only allow you to track the whereabouts of your vehicle with no other added features.

Check for extra benefits – like guarantees, maintenance and installation

Some car trackers are ‘one off’ purchases which can be placed in or around your vehicle and require no maintenance – but others are actually installed within your car and these do require specialist maintenance and of course fitting. The ongoing cost of maintenance is something to consider – some companies do include this is the one-off set up fee for at least a year so that you know you are covered from the word go should anything go wrong.

Weigh up your investment against possible savings you can make on your insurance and other costs

Some tracking systems appear costly, but if they have a high specification, then it’s good to speak to your insurer and ask what effect having one installed could have on your premiums. You might be surprised by the sizeable saving you could make – which means the tracker may have already paid for itself even if you’re fortunate enough to never have to use it.

There are several key providers of car tracking systems. For state-of-the-art, high tech products, the likes of celebrity favouriteTracker andCobra are probably for you - yet for someone wishing to sample car tracking for the first time or who needs a low level of security then good quality basic offerings from Halfords or Amazon might be more appropriate. It all comes down to three things – budget, requirement and specification. How much do you want to spend? What do you need it for? What things do you need it to do? Once you answer these questions, browsing the models on offer will provide you with the perfect solution.

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