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Shopping for car spares: A buyer’s guide

Shopping for car spares needn’t be an infuriating task, there are plenty of resources and resellers out there that can provide you with high quality car spares that are reliable. In this guide we look at where best to get your car spares from and how you can track down items that seem impossibly rare.

If it is a bodywork part of something unique to the car, for example a wing mirror you should buy from the main dealer, or try an online auction site or scrap yard.

If it is a key part, for example, break disks or suspension then you should buy from a main dealer or a larger independent parts suppliers as many of the parts are not specific to a car manufacturer they are common parts across many cars (a little like tyres). Independent dealers are usually cheaper.

If it is a non-essential spare, for example, an aerial, fuel cap or lost bit of body work trim you can often find these on auction websites, if they are the genuine part they will be second hand salvaged or in many cases replacement matching items.

If you have an old or vintage car that you are renovating then there are many small garages that specialise in parts for particular vehicles from Morris minors to old Aston Martin’s. However, these are often new custom manufactured parts (particularly when bodywork is involved) and are never cheap. Some of the best garages can be found in the small ads at the back or motoring magazines.

Taking caution with auction sites

Purchasing via auction websites is often one of your few options, however care must be taken as such sites can be filled with fakes, and depending upon which parts you’re purchasing, this will have a consequence to a greater or lesser degree. For parts that play a significant role in ensuring your vehicle is operating safely you should consider using a reputable car spares reseller, after all, what’s more important, the price tag or your safety?

Taking even more caution with message board websites

Posting a message on an online community board may be tempting, after all, what’s more convenient than taking 2 minutes to post a request that’ll reach thousands if not millions of people? However these types of websites are ripe for scammers, not only do you run the risk of receiving a low quality product, but you additionally risk more serious consequences if you meet up with someone intent on stealing your money, or committing another crime.

Authentic Parts

Remember cars are dangerous, so think twice about using anything other than authentic, genuine spares from reputable dealers – think safety first over money saving if at all possible.

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