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Buying Guide: Car insurance

Buying car insurance can be a daunting prospect, not least because of the continuing rise in insurance prices. Ensuring that you get the best deal is therefore more important than ever and in this guide we walk you through doing just that.

Shopping for car insurance

Shopping online

Shopping online is your best bet for getting the cheapest car insurance. You should start your search with a reputable comparison engine, where hundreds, if not thousands, of car insurers are registered. Comparing policies side by side is extremely useful for highlighting different offers.

Call insurers directly

Whilst the internet will provide you with an idea of pricing for those companies that aren't on comparison engines, you should carefully consider ringing a few suppliers directly. While this can take a little time, the reduced premiums that may be available should be checked.

Factors to consider when choosing car insurance

The three levels of car insurance

You should consider your level of coverage carefully, whilst it may well be tempting to plump for the lowest level of coverage (and therefore have the lowest premium to pay) you need to think about how you'd cope if you wrote off your car or had it stolen.

- Fully comprehensive,

- Fire, third party and theft,

- Third party.

Being truthful

Ensuring that your insurance policy application is 100% truthful if you want to ensure.

Many may be tempted to insure their car at an address other than their own for lower premiums, however insurance companies are used to this ploy, ad rest assured pretty much every claim on a policy such as this doesn't get paid out.

Additionally, if you have, in effect, been found to be driving around without insurance, you may face criminal proceedings.

Insurance policy add ons

Whilst many companies try to bulk out their insurance deals with services that may not be useful to everyone, you should certainly consider deals on break down coverage, which are likely to be far cheaper than purchasing this policy alone.

No claims discounts

If you've built up a good number of no claim years then you may wish to begin protecting them. The years that you don't claim for have a significant reduction on your premiums, and losing this after 5 years or more of going without a crash can be somewhat of a shock to the careful driver's wallet.

Insurance for those over 50

It's a fact that older drivers (particularly those over 50) are far more careful in their driving and have plenty of driving experience; there are specialist insurers for this group of people, and they can benefit from vastly reduced premiums compared to those who are younger.

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