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Car Hire Tips

For whatever reason you’re looking to hire a car, there are some important factors to consider if you want to get the best deal and ensure that you’re not penalised by a number of conditions you were unaware of when you hired out the car.

Getting the best deal on car hire

If you live in a city then car sharing is a real alternative to car hire. This is where you need a car for a short period of time (usually for a few hours to a day). This can often work our cheaper than going to a traditional car hire company and you also can often find a car closer to your home. If you want a car for more than a day then traditional car hire is the best choice.

Shop online

All car hire companies have websites and it is actually easier to get a quote online than calling the telephone number (in our experience you are still waiting for them to answer the phone in the time it takes you to do an online quote). In addition, there are often deals available online that are not offered via the shop or over the telephone.

Book early

The days of getting it cheaper last minute are gone. Since the dawn of the budget airlines everything has turned around. The good deals are offered to those who book early and the price gradually gets more and more expensive as time gets close to the date you need the car. You should check that you can cancel free of charge – but most companies do allow this. .

Tips for ensuring your car hire doesn’t cost you extra money

Avoid surcharges

Make sure you allow enough time to get your car back on time. If you go over by a few hours you could well be charged another day. If you are going on a long journey make sure that you get a deal with unlimited mileage. Again you do not want to be hit with a large surcharge for doing a few hundred miles too much.

Check the car over before hire

Checking the car over prior to driving off is vital if you’re to avoid having to pay for bumps or scratches that you haven’t personally caused. Check the body work on the entirety of the car, as well as checking the interior (including the boot). Should you find any evidence of damage you should point this out to the company before your hire and ensure that you have photographic evidence to prove that this damage was already there before drive away.

Check the fuel level

Checking the fuel level before you set off is essential if you want to avoid breaking down and calling recovery services. Some car hire companies will provide a full tan of petrol or diesel, however many more only provide a sufficient amount, so you need to check what your deal includes.

Drive with caution

Driving a car that is different from the one you’re used to demands extra care and attention. Even the most experienced of drivers can become flummoxed by how to handle their hire car during an unexpected traffic event.

Driving Abroad

If you are hiring a car in a foreign country you will need your driving licence plus a print out from the dvla showing if you have any endorsements. You should also always take out fully comprehensive insurance. In countries like the US this is often upsold when you are picking up the car.

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