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Why Bridgestone tyres should be your tyre of choice

Bridgestone is the world's largest tyre manufacturer; throughout their history they've become synonymous with quality and reliability and have been seen on F1 tracks and rally tracks alike. This guide introduces you to Bridgestone and talks you through their tyre range.

In general we recommend Bridgestone because they are prices a notch below the premium tyre brands yet offer the technology and testing that the world’s biggest tyre maker can spend.

Car, 4x4 and van Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone offer a wide range of car, 4x4 and van tyres that have been designed for both optimum performance as well as durability; they have won numerous awards for safety standards and continue to use ever advancing technology that increases their safety as well as their fuel consumption.

Off road

Bridgestone are the global leader in the Off-The-Road tyre market and have been for a significant number of years. This range incorporates around 50 different tyre patterns, from radial to bias constructions, which are suited for a wide range of purposes and terrains.

Run flat

Largest radial designs on the market, offering unique performance. Their run flat tyres provide consumers with peace of mind that, should they suffer a slow puncture, their tyre will easily last until they've reached the garage.

Motorcycle Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone are one of the few companies that produce tyres across the board and for a number of vehicles; their motorcycle tyres are tried and tested, and they cover the following uses: touring, adventure, custom, race, off-road, scooter and sport.

Truck and bus Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone' truck and bus ranges are known for their reliability and safety and for performing under the intense pressures of daily use by companies that drive thousands of miles each week. They've focused upon bringing fuel consumption down to its absolute lowest, which means that companies with large fleets can save a small fortune.

Agricultural Bridgestone tyres

Bridgestone bought out agricultural tyre manufacture Firestone Inc. in 1988 and have been producing high quality agricultural tyres since 1982.

In particular, they produce specialist tyres for those with particular needs and unique farming equipment.

Tyre advice

Checking your pressure

Ensuring your tyres have the right pressure is not only a matter of using as little fuel as possible, but is additionally essential to your safety. Check the manufacturers' guide to what tyre pressure you should have, and be sure to check them every week and before every long journey.

Checking your tread

Ensure that your tyres have sufficient thread that meets the legal requirements (e.g. 1.6mm across the centre); you should check your tyres every week and bear in mind that it's not only to meet legal requirements, but moreover to keep you safe.

Bridgestone versus budget tyres

Choosing between Bridgestone and budget tyres can seem like a difficult choice and many consumers choose budget tyres over the high quality tyres that Bridgestone produce. However this in fact can be a false economy as budget tyres have a far shorter lifespan

Overall Bridgestone tyres offer excellent quality at a good price.

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