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Breakdown Cover

A breakdown cover will help a car owner get service when his car is in need of repair. The most common policy of this type ensures that the user will not get stuck alongside of the road. The average insurance company will offer this type of policy to its customers, but breakdown cover policies cover far more than just towing or jump starting a car. The policies cover what happens to a car should a major repair of a vehicle be needed.

Consumers who buy this type of policy need to make sure they know exactly what they are getting. These extended warranties cover the cost of car repair. They are generally designed to cover the cost of major automobile repairs. The policies do not cover the maintenance that any vehicle owner will have performed on their vehicle. If, for example, the transmission blows up or the head gasket goes out, an individual with a policy can take it into a certified garage. As long as the person has kept his premium payments up, he does not need to worry about the cost of the repair. Mechanics charge by the hour. Transmission and head gasket repairs can cost over 1,000 pounds. The transmission repair tends to be more expensive because both the parts and the labour for this auto repair are expensive. A blown head gasket is labour intensive. The parts needed to enact the repair do not cost much.

The user should figure out whether or not he needs a breakdown cover policy. If he does, he can find many warranty companies that will help him apply one to his automobile, truck or motorcycle.

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