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What to do if you have bad credit for your car finance?

Do you need a car but have bad credit that can affect the amount of your car loan? Perhaps your bad credit is stopping you from even purchasing a car. There are many things you could do if you unable to afford to pay for the purchase of a car through the conventional financing methods. You may have been refused financing due to bad credit but here are some tips that may help you secure financing for your desired car with bad credit:

Online Finance Providers

You can search online for car financing options and services for people with bad credit. There are many companies that actually offer flexible payment options for people suffering from bad credit but need to purchase a car. They may often ask you questions regarding your current employment status, expenditure and reasons for purchase. It may be helpful to gather this information when you are thinking of applying for finance.

How long does it take to make a decision?

The decision of whether to approve or disapprove your claim for support with financing for your car varies according to your service provider. You may find that you get an instant approval or the company may need more time to verify details. You can ask your individual service provider on the average number of days it takes to reach a decision for more specific information.


If you have been refused car financing due to bad credit it would be best to start saving up. You could put money each month towards the financing for your car or create a dedicated savings account for the car of your choice. This is a sensible way of managing your finances and enables you to collect the funds you need without fear of rejection from financial organisations. A little contribution every month can accumulate over a set period of time so do not be disheartened if you cannot afford a car at this time.

Ask Friends or Family

If you get really stuck in trying to purchase a vehicle due to a bad credit history you may want to borrow the funds from friends or family who would be willing to let you borrow a set amount and you repay them over set period of time. You may want to draw up a contract if you wish to so that there are no disputes later. Many people borrow from their loved ones to enable them to get their required car if they are struggling with their finances so it is worth asking those who would be willing to help out.

Sign up with Credit rating agency

To help you keep a track of your finances and really know more about your expenditure so that you can save for your desired car you may want to sign up with a credit rating agency that can give you your score. This can enable you to keep track when debts are settled and stay on top of your finances.

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