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Automatic Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is an unofficial rite of passage in many people’s lives. Passing your driving test can mean the freedom of the open road the option of jumping in a car and going wherever you want whenever you want. But of course before this stage you first have to learn to drive. While there is no set figure on how much it costs to do so, as the amount of lessons needed will vary from person to person, in this guide we look at Automatic driving lessons and offer advice on how to keep spending to a minimum.

Why automatic?

Many learner drivers struggle with clutch control when trying to learn in a manual car, so many choose to or consider switching to learning in an automatic. Automatic driving lessons and the automatic driving test can be both an easier and quicker way of learning to drive when compared to a manual. While everybody is different and will have varying levels of ability, it is likely that you will require fewer lessons to learn in an automatic. The driving test will also be made easier as manoeuvres like the turn in the road and hill start require good clutch control so taking the test in an automatic makes these tasks significantly easier. Although automatic lessons are slightly more expensive than the manual equivalent, because automatics use a bit more fuel.

Advantages of learning in an automatic

- An automatic car can change gears for you, meaning you obviously have less work to do while driving and it means you can keep both your hands on the wheel at all times.

- Driving around in a busy area requires constant gear changes and good clutch control if using a manual; all these problems aren’t an issue with automatics

- As an automatic is easier to learn in you are likely to spend less on driving lessons as you simply won’t need as many as you would if you tried to learn in a manual

Compare instructors/driving schools

For the best deal on automatic driving lessons it’s best to shop around and compare the prices to see who can offer you the best discount if you book a block of lessons, or which instructor/school has a good reputation. Checking previous customer feedback will tell you who offers the best value for money and who offers the best service.

Savings tips:

Book two hour lessons: Two hour lessons give you time to recap anything you have previously learnt all while learning and practicing new things. This should help to cut down the overall number of lessons you need.

Block book: Booking multiple lessons at a time will be cheaper than booking lessons individually. Depending on who you choose – a private instructor or driving school – will determine the savings you make.

Make learning to drive your priority: Maximise the time you have with your instructor, practice driving whenever you can and take the time to brush up on the Highway Code.

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