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A guide to buying 4x4 Tyres

4x4 tyres are more expensive than normal tyres. In addition, the larger four wheel drive SUV’s wear tyres faster because of their weight. Expect to pay double for a 4x4 tyre when compared to a standard car.

A typical mistake 4x4 buyer’s make when buying a tyre is they go for a ‘meaty’ looking off-road tyre that looks good. Be careful, every tyre has a speed rating and you should not buy a tyre designed for driving through mud and fields up and down the motorway. The tyre will wear fast and not be as safe.

To make your tyres last longer, by far the biggest money saving tip we can offer is to check your tyre pressures regularly. If your tyres are inflated correctly then they will last a long time. If they are not a 4x4 car with shred them very quickly. If is far more important on a heavy, often almost two tonne off roader than it is on a small car.

If you are used to run flat tyres then these are not commonly available on large off road cars, however most modern SUV’s have sophisticated tyre pressure monitoring systems.

Because of the popularity of four wheel drive cars, the major tyre suppliers such as Kwik-Fit now usually have a stock. However, their range is usually limited to one brand such as Michelin, Goodyear or Pirelli. If you look beyond the major dealers you will see that smaller independent garages and specialist four wheel drive suppliers stock a much wider range of tyres from ‘medium sized’ manufactures.

Part worns versus brand new

Quite simply we would not recommend buying part worn tyres. It is a false saving as in most cases two sets of part worn tyres will not last as long as one brand new set.

Our recommendations

If your 4x4 is to be used mainly as a road car then the big tyre companies such as Michelin are a good choice. However, other less well known manufacturers such as Continental and Dunlop offer cheaper tyres that are just as durable.

Our personal favourite 4x4 tyre is Avon. They are good value, hard wearing, have a high speed rating but best of all have great ‘off road looking’ tread patterns that make your 4x4 look chunky.

Finally, we cannot end without singing the praise of the best 4x4 tyre of all time – the Goodyear Wrangler. It is a true thing of beauty (consider only if you are a serious off roader).

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